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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Q: How can I use the Painter's Pyramids and Grabbers separately from the VersaSpin 360?

A: Painter's Pyramids can be used alone to elevate and support even very large and heavy projects (for pictures showing multiple uses, please visit our Photo Page). Painter's Pyramids are rated to hold up to 200 lbs. When combined with a Grabber, the Painter's Pyramid has a non-slip base for working on slippery surfaces.


Q: With all the spraying and painting I do, how can I keep my VersaSpin 360 clean and usable for a long time?

A: To keep your VersaSpin 360 turntable free from paint/finish build-up, simply place a sheet of plastic/cling-wrap over the VersaSpin 360's pegs (the entire surface of the turntable) prior to positioning the Painter's Pyramids or Grabbers.

For spray applications, we also recommend using masking tape to hold the cling-wrap down around the edges of the VersaSpin 360 turntable. This will eliminate the cling-wrap from blowing up from the force of the spray and potentially ruining the finish of your project.

When you've completed your project, simply remove the Painter's Pyramids or Grabbers and discard the plastic wrap.

Q: My son took my VersaSpin 360 apart and now there are bearings missing. Can I order replacement parts?

A: Yes, simply contact us and we'll get back to you quickly with details.

Q: My mother suffers from arthritis, but loves doing creative things. Can the VersaSpin 360 help her?

A: Yes, the VersaSpin 360 is terrific for creative people with dexterity or mobility issues. The VersaSpin 360's easy spinning action allows full access to projects, without the need to reposition them. Plus, the included accessories are easy to handle and position on the VersaSpin 360 work surface.

Q. How many Painter's Pyramids are included with VersaSpin 360™?

A. The 16" VersaSpin 360 comes with 8 Painter's Pyramids and 8 Grabbers. The 11" VersaSpin 360 comes with 4 Painter's Pyramids and 4 Grabbers.

Q. How much flexibility is there in the positioning of the Painter's Pyramids/Grabbers on the VersaSpin 360™?

A. The VersaSpin 360 offers tremendous flexibility in the positioning of each accessory. In fact, by our calculations there are more than a Trillion Combinations of positions, so you can get that custom support you need for your project.

Q. How much weight can the VersaSpin 360™ hold?

A. The 16" VersaSpin 360 can safely support projects weighing up to 100lbs. The 11" VersaSpin 360 holds up to 25lbs.

Q. Can the VersaSpin 360™ hold large objects? Can the work surface be expanded?

A. Yes, the VersaSpin 360 can hold objects much larger than the 16" diameter of the turntable. It is important to center the project on the turntable to avoid tipping.

For extra-large items expansion of the work surface can also be accomplished by mounting the VersaSpin 360 to a larger/alternate surface. Both sizes of VersaSpin360 have pilot-holes specially created for mounting the VersaSpin 360 to alternate/larger work surfaces. Simply punch out the holes with a drill or sharp tool and then mount the new surface to the VersaSpin 360 from underneath using appropriate sized screws.

Q. Will my finishing materials stick to the VersaSpin 360™?

A. The Painter's Pyramids are made of a high density plastic to which common materials won't stick. Additionally, these high density plastics enable removal of stains, varnishes, urethanes and other finishing materials.  In heavy spraying applications, it may be beneficial to shield the VersaSpin 360 from the overspray to avoid extensive cleanup (see above). 

Q. Will common solvents damage the VersaSpin 360™?

A. No. The VersaSpin 360™ is made out of a plastic that will withstand any common solvents and chemicals used in woodworking and other projects. Strong acids should not be used with the VersaSpin 360 since those acids will damage the turntable.

Q. How many Painter's Pyramids should I use to support my project on the VersaSpin 360™?

A. It is recommended that a minimum of three pyramids are used in order to properly balance the project. In general, users should use as many pyramids as possible to support their project.

Q. Can I use the VersaSpin 360™ with my decorative arts, craft or hobby projects?

A. Yes! Craftsmen, artists and hobbyists have found that the VersaSpin 360 works well holding and rotating canvases, figurines and various pieces of pottery.

Q. Can I use the VersaSpin 360™ with glue?

A. It depends. The VersaSpin 360 works well with wood glue and many other common adhesives used in woodworking, scrapbooking and decoupage. The VersaSpin 360 does NOT work well with super glue, crazy glue, or other glues that are designed to adhere to plastic.

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